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For help with downloading our software, please click here.

Help With Downloading

To download a copy, just click on one of the underlined names above. The amount of time required for the download depends on which version you choose, and the speed of your modem. With a 28.8 modem, it should take five to ten minutes at 2400 bytes per second. The Federal version is the longest (10 minutes). Illinois and Georgia are the shortest (five minutes). With a faster modem, it will take less time.

After downloading, your RACE-TRAX program will be located in a self-extracting file named SETUPxx.EXE, where xx indicates the version (US = Federal, IN = Indiana, etc.). From the Windows 3.1 Program Manager File Menu, or Windows Start Button (95/98/NT/2000/CE/XP), click on RUN and enter the path to the SETUPxx.EXE file. Click OK, and RACE-TRAX will be automatically installed in a directory or folder of your choice.

Note for newcomers to internet downloading: - You might want to print this page for reference. After clicking on one of the versions above, Windows will display a dialog box, indicating the folder (directory) in which to save the downloaded file. At that time, you may change the destination folder. Do not choose a floppy diskette at this time. You must download to a folder on your hard drive. Also, if you are downloading an updated version to a previous version you already have, do not download this file directly into your RACETRAX folder. Download it into a temporary folder. Remember the name of the folder because you will enter that name in the command line later when you execute the downloaded file.

After saving this downloaded file in the folder you have selected, exit from the internet and return to your Windows desktop. Then click on START (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/CE/XP) or Program manager's File (Windows 3.1), then click on RUN. Then, in the dialog box's command line, type C:\FOLDERNAME\SETUPxx.EXE, where FOLDERNAME is the name of the directory where you saved the file, and xx is US, IN, FL, OH etc. depending on the version you downloaded.

The setup file will then execute by self-extracting the necessary compressed files and install the RACE-TRAX program as if you had installed it from diskette. Reminder - You must install this version from your hard disk to the hard disk, not from a floppy diskette. During the installation, you will have an opportunity to select the destination folder (directory) for the program. If you have an older version already installed, let this updated version install right on top of the older version. Only the program will be updated. It will not affect your previously entered data in your database.

Final note for the newcomer: - To conserve space on your hard disk, the SETUPxx.EXE file will erase itself and its contained compressed files during the installation. Therefore, if you make a mistake during the installation, or have a problem with the installation, do not attempt to re-install from the download folder. Go back to the internet and start all over by downloading the SETUPxx.EXE file again.

This is the complete program, available for you to test for thirty days (or forty hours). Later, if you decide to purchase it, send us a check and give us a call and we'll remove the time lock. For more information, call 1-215-620-8285 or send our team an e-mail message at