What is Race-Trax and what does it do?

Race-Trax is the #1 campaign finance reporting software for campaigns. It tracks all financial transactions in a campaign and generates standardized state and federal reports with the click of a mouse. Race-Trax is Windows compatible and will run on any PC running Windows '95 or later.

Race-Trax is totally non-partisan, and is currently being used by several democrats, republicans, independents and libertarian candidates, committees, PACs and CPAs in twenty-seven states including candidates and incumbents for the state legislature, U.S. House and Senate, Mayor, Sheriff, Attorney General, Judge, County Executives and others.

What features are included in Race-Trax?
  • Tracks and reports of every receipt and disbursement
  • Files electronically
  • Imports and exports data
  • Generates mailing labels, thank you letters, receipts and contributor lists
  • Follows and creates filing reports based on state and FEC election requirements.

What versions of Race-Trax are available?

Several versions of Race-Trax are available. Each version is specifically tailored for use in its jurisdiction, has been submitted to the appropriate State of Federal authorities, and was deemed acceptable for use in its jurisdiction. Race-Trax is continually updated as new election laws and filling requirements change.

Click here to download a free copy of one of the following versions:  

Federal 9.2 California Lobbyist 3.1 CA Slate Mailer 1.1 Florida 8.3
Georgia 2.4 Illinois 2.5 Indiana 7.0 Michigan 3.1
New Jersey 3.2 New York 10.0 Ohio 2.7 Pennsylvania 8.0


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